VIC Australia

Lana de Jager immigrated from South Africa to Australia in 1998 and settled in Melbourne, Victoria, mostly because of the excellent coffee. She is passionately committed to whimsy and entirely too enthusiastic about Art Nouveau, pre-1960’s music that might lead to dancing, attempting to knit, and pretending to understand science. She also works as a freelance Graphic Designer.

Lana obtained a BA Honours Degree in advertising & visual communication in 1994. The first year was a fine arts curriculum and she enjoyed it tremendously, taking part in several group exhibitions.

A figure of authority suggested that she make the responsible decision and follow the graphic arts stream (sketching and airbrushing for graphic design rather than for fine art) from the second year onward to ensure that she would be able to buy her own groceries in the future.

With her artistic aspirations successfully dashed, Lana followed her degree with 2 years as a lecturer [1995-1996] at Potchefstroom University and the East London Technical College [South Africa], teaching Graphic Design History & Techniques, History of Art and Still Life & Figure Drawing.

Several continents, half a lifetime and much cognitive behaviour therapy (twitch) later and the imbalances of yesteryear have been addressed. In 2013 she returned to intaglio printmaking, but it was only in June 2016 that she became fully committed to dreaming of being a real artist.

Lana uses photopolymer plates for intaglio printing, with a preference for less-toxic materials and processes.

Her images deal with motives of loss, grief and unhappiness as experienced by optimists and people who struggle to express their feelings.