VIC Australia

10,367kms from home

GoogleMaps says this is the distance between my house and my mom’s house when she passed away. The Honoured Dead Memorial is a provincial heritage site in Kimberley, my hometown in South Africa. It is situated at the meeting point of five roads and I probably pass it every single day when visiting home. Politically, it’s an ironic choice for me – the memorial honours the men who died defending the town from the Boers (my ancestors). It was not chosen to be controversial, only because it’s where my school was, where I used to turn off to my Ouma’s and then the landmark to get me back home again, so I didn’t get lost. The memorial on the figure’s head also become a heavy crown – my inescapable heritage.

Medium 1:

Photopolymer Intaglio - Charbonnel ink and gold acrylic on Stonehenge paper

Medium 2:

Photogravure - Charbonnel ink on Stonehenge paper

Paper Size:

38cm diametre

Framed Size:

51cm diametre