VIC Australia

Better be fabulous

There is pressure to arrive in public with your game face on, at least on the exterior. We feel like we should seem as well turned out as possible, but man!, sometimes events or emotions just don’t allow it. Instead of learning to deal openly and together with emotions, we hide them behind polished exteriors.

Back home, you might feel like it’s further required of you to be yummy mummy, not just great at making the house look as lovely as yourself, but also be glamorous for your partner in bed.

The gazillion dollar health and beauty business is proof of this pressure to look good. Women are vital as consumers, creators, and icons for an industry that fuels insecurity and makes excessive promises. Naomi Wolf demonstrated in her 1991 book “The Beauty Myth”, that the influence of the beauty industry on its consumers has been directly connected to the social construction of ideal beauty as the purpose of womanhood. So, we know this, yet still get stuck in the bathroom giving ourselves a hard time about some part of our appearance.

Somewhere in between coming across as offensively uncared for and perfectly groomed, there has to be lots of room for “um, I’m a bit unsure about myself today – I feel like I might be two petals short of a rosebush”. Feel free to use that one. You’re welcome.


Photopolymer Etching - Charbonnel ink on Stonehenge paper. Coloured with Indian Ink.

Paper Size:

65 x 50 cm