VIC Australia

Call Me 2

It’s been 3 years since my mom vanished from the material world and often I have a strong need to talk to her or get some advice. In our family we’ve started to be able to make jokes about her whereabouts, which must mean we’re all getting over the grief pretty well. The religious folks in our family reckon she’s organising things up there, taking charge in the way she did in her home and in our lives. We’re not saying she was bossy, but she wasn’t called ‘the general’ for no reason. For them it’s easy to talk to her. They can just shoot her a little prayer when they need to. I’m agnostic and yet I have felt her presence strongly at times… and I’ve definitely talked to her. Out loud even. That’s ok, right? I keep wanting to say to her: “Now that you’re settled in the firmament, could you give me a call, please? There’s still stuff we need to talk about.”


Photopolymer Intaglio - Charbonnel ink on Stonehenge paper. 2 Plates.

Paper Size:

38cm diametre

Framed Size:

51cm diametre