VIC Australia

Control Yourself!

Have you got something you keep under wraps for fear it might cause a disaster in your world? It could be a dark secret. It could be the pure form of what you are. It could be a terrific talent. It builds up inside you, like seismic activity. You might try to diminish that tumultuous churning, because you think it’s going to vaporize everything in it’s wake if you release it, but that’s a but dramatic, don’t you think?

It’s possible that allowing the dormant thing to erupt might cause happiness or great life-changing events. Sure, there might also be quaky side effects, but doesn’t it sometimes take a force majeure to shake up the status quo?

Scary-exciting for someone like me, who was taught to ‘keep it nice’ and bottle it up, so nobody might be made to feel uncomfortable. Don’t let your inner crazy out. Noooooo! Keep a lid on it for in case you’re judged. Meanwhile, it’s just self expression, nothing as harmful as a casual volcanic eruption – maybe just something that might make people uncomfortable because they’re not experienced in dealing with sideways thoughts and imagination.

I marvel at people who inspire me with their ballsy approach to self-expression and communication. One person’s vigor is another person’s ‘too-much’, but what’s more valuable here: utter self-expression or being accepted by the masses?

Aren’t we all disordered at times? Improper? Don’t we alI have a substantial capacity for strangeness on occasion?

Let’s celebrate the tectonic in each other, I say.



Photopolymer Etching - Charbonnel ink on Stonehenge paper. A la poupée.

Paper Size:

65 x 50 cm