VIC Australia

Emancipation 3

In the collection, “(un)Happiness”, my images deal with motives of loss, grief and unhappiness as experienced by optimists and other people who struggle to express negative feelings. The latest additions to this collection deal with themes that have emerged for me much later in the grieving process.
One theme is around the little wars we fight in our heads every day, specifically the emotional release that we experience when there’s a ceasefire. This bliss can be brought on by an inspiring movie, accepting a change, sudden and deep empathy for a friend’s situation, cycling on a beautiful warm night or something else that makes us swoon and forget about ourselves for a while. For me, this often short-lived ‘emancipation’ provides a willingness to step into the unknown depths of my own imagination and uncensored thoughts.


Photopolymer Etching - Charbonnel ink on Stonehenge paper.

Paper Size:

38cm diametre

Framed Size:

51cm diametre