VIC Australia


My brother and I grew up in a religious family, during the years of apartheid in South Africa.Conscription to the army was still enforced for all white males, being gay was dangerous and good girls had to get married and breed. What makes some people follow the familial roads while others revolt against it even before understanding why? We are now grateful for even the difficult-to-accept pieces of our personal history. A culture that ‘kept people in their place’, children should be seen and not heard… Our revolt against it created conversations that allowed us to be more compassionate and not say forward that kind of abuse. The pattern in the background recalls Shweshwe – a South African fabric used originally in traditional clothes, but has become so popular that the cotton is used by people from all cultures in South Africa.


Photopolymer Intaglio & Chine-collé (Japanese Tissue) - Charbonnel ink on Stonehenge paper

Paper Size:

38cm diametre

Framed Size:

51cm diametre