VIC Australia

Knuckle Sandwich

It’s interesting that while we would take a friend’s side or try to stand up for someone who’s being bullied, we seem to harass and judge ourselves quite harshly. Where’s the brave friend then? Can’t we just leave ourselves alone? Sometimes we beat ourselves up for years about a specific reaction or event! It’s the incessant voice in your head saying you should’ve said this instead, or not have done that thing that made you look like an idiot… the feeling that you don’t quite deserve recognition for work, or don’t deserve someone’s love. Goodness, we reallly can undermine ourselves at each turn. Self-censorship can be even more insidious than the censorship by others.

In healthy doses, self-critique can be helpful – it helps us figure out ways to improve, get better connected with others, and become more self-aware and humane, but being a sucker for punishment is destructive.

Giving yourself some room to breathe – allowing yourself to like yourself – is a pretty creative act. Also, wonderfully, being your own friend is nobody else’s business.





Photopolymer Etching - Charbonnel ink on Stonehenge paper. Chine collè on gold tissue.

Paper Size:

65 x 50 cm