VIC Australia

Measuring Up

The ‘tools’ we use to test if we ‘measure up’ are sometimes as arbitrary as a branch we find on the ground. A dry stick. Surely hanging your self worth on a stick is something only a drunk person would do?

The evolutionary benefits of constantly comparing yourself to others was a useful strategy when we were still cave women, but we hardly need to compete with our girlfriends for jobs, men or food these days, do we?

That useful instinct to remain in the tribe, to not be an outsider, doesn’t apply in modern society. We have choices we’ve never had before but the instincts continue to create stress.

How does one come to terms with the fact that you might NEVER measure up in the eyes of someone in your life and that impressing yourself is a more valuable game to play?




Photopolymer Etching - Charbonnel ink on Stonehenge paper. Coloured with Indian Ink.

Paper Size:

65 x 50 cm