VIC Australia

Reluctant Herbivore

I was raised in a culture where eating meat three times a day wasn’t unusual – in a small-town environment, it’s inhabitants riddled with cholesterol and heart disease. But where I come from, sharing the best cuts of meat is a show of great hospitality and an integral part of any feast.

Then I met a smart, scientific, emotionally intelligent man who preferred to be herbivorous. The choice seemed super simple. For 10 years I was an exemplary plant eater – read all the articles, discussed all the intricacies. When I fell off the vegetarian cart, I decided to only eat sustainably sourced meats and line caught fish, prepared by someone who wouldn’t waste any of it.

In the back of my mind though, there’s a constant little voice that says ‘you know better’. Once you learn the details of something, you cannot unlearn it and even though I’m aware of how many potential unpleasantries farmed animals have to suffer to arrive neatly in my supermarket package, I struggle to shun it forever.

The inner struggle is about health, the concepts of food equity and alternative sustainable protein sources that doesn’t destroy the environment, the temptation of how delicious the thing is and all the reasons I give myself for being ok with it.

Messy, isn’t it?




Photopolymer Etching - Charbonnel ink on Stonehenge paper. A la poupée.

Paper Size:

65 x 50 cm