VIC Australia

Reluctant Wallflower

This one is about those times we feel social anxiety – like we shouldn’t have said ‘yes’ to that party, because now we don’t want to go anymore. What will we say? How can we take this bad mood/sadness/annoyance with us? What if other people notice and judge us? If we can’t be the life of the party, what else can we be?! What a relief it is to mention it to someone else and they get it, or the feeling disappears because we had the shortest chat about it. I’d prefer to be the one drunken-dancing on the podium – that’s a fun day-after-shame – but it gives someone else a chance to catch the limelight, right?


Photopolymer Intaglio - Charbonnel ink on Stonehenge paper

Paper Size:

38cm diametre

Framed Size:

51cm diametre